Its better for buyers. The opportunity of being lucky and snagging one persons card is fantastic. Unfortunate position for 2K MT but imagine how the buyer must feel lol. And its ordinary sense that you'll always lose mt buying cards early. In my opinion the problem is that the 10% tax. Should be 5%. I've got no other complaints regarding the auction house aside from that.everyone understood the big cards were gonna drop. I haven't played much but gathered much following the sub previous couple days. Shaq is still a excellent card, people are stating its best 4 facilities. Can he really have an approximately 90 3pt?

He's not a leading 4 Center he is the best center in NBA 2K free of contest other than possibly GO AD which is the completionist collector benefit aka nobody has that card. He's got a 90 3 and HOF range extender. His ball controller stat is with the boosts can be a 92, 83 so although I really don't believe he comes with HOF ballhandling badges or many gold. Investing in expensive players is obviously silly to do. Even if they you net a loss unless you play with it smart, and you are still at risk for losing anyway.

That is good information. If I were to. Buy Shaq keeping him. Occasionally I buy somebody I plan on keeping and I chance to test and he's went up 150 K I may sell and buy back for cheap. However, I never purchase the card in hopes of turning it. Shaq is great n cards consistently drop after a few days after the hype dies down a lil.Actually lets hope the 60 pts its on HOF, so at least it implies the reward will be adequate. (Fingers crossed for Evo Kobe, altho its not looking likely with MT DB)

If its challenge for like MT or tokens, I'm done with 2K selling all my MT and cards, so it means they will market Kobe packs and that is just disgusting, consider Kobe simply passed and they could do it for many future years without any backlash. You do not feel they are paying Kobe's family a lot of cash to sell merchandise with his likeness? Like that is the point of those deals and Kobe's family is probably happy that they can continue to make money he did when he was living? Who's more qualified here? You because you did not get the card you desired or Kobe's household who wish to gain from the years to Buy NBA 2K MT of work that he set up for them?

If the spotlight is being done by anyone yelling stat lines and sims. Get a GO Lamar Odom please to us! Break NBA 2K even more! I started a post for this, but then looked at Twitter and watched the number of tweets using the hashtag and watched one for virtually every player and realised 2K is merely gonna release who they want, because if each participant is sending in images of every participant scoring 150 points, there's no way to distinguish. Someone needed a Muggsy with over 100 points. I would love it for novelty value, but we know we ai not becoming no Muggsy PD.