When people think of the Stainless Steel Submersible Pump controller, their first thought is that the purpose of the controller is to turn the pump on and off. Although this is true, this is only part of the story.

The main reason for using a pump controller is to minimize or prevent damage to the pump. The pump is designed to work within certain parameters, and the pump controller recognizes when it falls outside these parameters and sends a signal to the pump to replace it, usually by shutting down.

Second, the pump controller can also minimize or prevent non-pump damage. By monitoring the sensors, the pump controller can "see" when the system has problems.

When people talk about pump controllers, it must be noted that the controller is part of the system. The pump controller depends on other parts of the system to work properly.


Before we focus on the pump controller to understand how it prevents pump failure or damage, it is helpful to list the components of the pump system.

Generally speaking, the components of the pump system are:

Water source

Water pump





Pressure Sensor

Pressure relief tank


Pump start relay.

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