This is precisely what I'd originally intended to OSRS gold perform all of the way to 99. Okay guys so could I please get your comments on which of those three methods you believe is best to do. (Incidentally I am tight on cash so 10Mil is my best to spend on this!) If someone could also tell me from experience about humidify and just how quick it's (exp speeds per hour ) that'd be great! And in the event that you could even suggest some better methods to do I'd really appreciate it! Thanks for reading!

I had been thinking of rangeing for a lil bit when makeing some cash. (I have only 75 range/81 shield ) I will be useing full armadyl, runecbow and wide bolts. Notes: Iron dragones: will select up: all charms, dragon mid helms, dragon skirts, dragon legs, and obviously visages, abandoned shield half,effigies, I not sure about elite clues, all coins, tooth half key, dragon stones, I will alch:all rune items (limbs, pubs, 2h, kitshield, sq protect, complete helm, mid helm)

I will alch all runite limps along with daggers. Recall avies addy pubs are too common and limps and daggers are not too prevalent while irons drops are many of these rares and even some like vissies are too rare but it worth wayy much more than avies ordinary drops.

Personally, I'd recommend the Karamja dungeon, just outside of the Tz-Haar Region. There is a whole slew of options for this particular one; You can melee them in there, utilizing a normal weapon, food plus a bunyip if you're able to. Or you could halberd them by a secure place, or use array from a secure place, which makes it food free. Or there's the option of a cannon that you could try either on it's own, or even using the combination of some of the above mentioned. Of course, there are other areas, though I would advise this area for buy RuneScape gold sure.