Russell Westbrook was officially selected as a new team when entering the 2020-21 NBA season. With a new uniform, the guard will shock his recently unveiled Jordan. "Why not? Zer0.4 . Air Jordan 1 Mid Black White LT Smoke Grey As with the previous inaugural arrangements for iconic sneakers, the upcoming silhouette will not have a "growth" ensemble inspired by Westbrook youth. On the performance side, Jordan "Why not?" "The fourth issue of the series achieves an exquisite foot feel with more complex tread patterns and double-stacked Zoom Air cushioning. Elsewhere, the new model starts from "Why not?" Zer0.3 favors the dual-mesh belt system, which improves the lock required for dynamic players like the incoming Washington Wizards point guard. As for the color scheme of the two, the different shades of purple, gold, green, blue and red, as well as various prints and patterns throughout the upper part, nod to some of the most influential moments, places and teams in Brody’s sports and personal development. Unsurprisingly, the mashup aesthetic of sneakers needs attention, just like the people behind it.

Although a completely fresh design vision, Jordan Air 35 is still trying to touch the nostalgic note, reaching 30 years ago, to bridge the gap with Jordan Air 5.Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Protro White Metallic Silver In most cases, it is the concept of color that has been visualized, with this upcoming Jordan Airline 5 "flaming red" making a clear connection to one of the most recurring sneaker versions of 2020. With the enlarged silver reflective tongue and red inner lining, this Air Jordan 35 almost perfectly embodies the original color scheme. It's just a black flood in the midsole short from the really iconic color road (one back to the store on May 2). In fact, in this upcoming version, there is no obvious black, so what exactly does the Jordan brand hope to achieve here? Regardless of its omission, this is a 35-color path of cleaner air in Jordan yet.

Air Jordan Release Dates 2021 Starting from the left, it uses lighter beige for three flour dishes. The suede suitcase mimics the color and texture of Beijing Mung Bean Soup (Doo Zhi). A pair of donuts (Jiaoquan) pattern forefoot and mung bean soup. The embossed suede on the side shows that the chopped pita bread is a traditional Xi'an dish: pita bread soaked in mutton soup. Mutton soup is expressed in horizontal water color patterns. Swoosh represents chopsticks with wood grain texture. On the horizontal heel, the water color fades to look like ordinary Shanghai noodles, also called Yangchun noodles. A copper coin embroidered with 10 cents appeared on the horizontal heel, suggesting a sunny face. The left insole is like a blue sky, inspired by traditional Chinese slang, suggesting that people treat food as their paradise. The blue lining of the left midsole mimics the blue and white flowers of a fine porcelain bowl.

The right shoe has a hotter color to represent different calories, from spicy to sweet. The metallic color on the right lunch box was pulled out of the Chengdu hot pot and cooked there. New Air Jordan 1 Zoom Air CMFT E-Sport Iridescent Boil the chili oil to process the foam around the work into the bowl box. The ostrich leather on the side is inspired by the famous crispy roasted goose skin in Guangzhou. The silver Swoosh is similar to the metal hook used to hang roasted goose. The flame and aloe wood used to roast the goose appear in the watercolor patterns around the eye lights. Shaved ice and taro balls-a common Taipei dessert-can be found on the heel counter. The insole depicts the scene of a bench terrace, a beautification method for planting rice fields. The collar lining reflects the color of the meat dish. The yellow outsole represents cooking oil.