When goods are being moved, we can see a thing similar to a clip on which the goods are fixed. That thing is called a ratchet buckle. So what is the ratchet buckle used for?The working principle of the ratchet buckle is to use the fixed function during the transportation, movement, transportation or storage of the goods to prevent the goods from being evacuated and falling. Common specifications are 1" ratchet buckle and 2" ratchet buckle.

The ratchet buckle does not fall off after being locked, is safe and reliable, is light and easy to operate, and protects items from damage.

The ratchet buckle is composed of a main body and a handle which are pivotally connected with a shaft. It is mainly composed of a sliding groove on the main body corresponding to the stopper of the handle. The side of the sliding groove near the concave part is a guiding inclined surface to Turn the handle so that when the baffle is in the chute, the protruding part can push the catch to release the ratchet, so that the belt body drives the shaft and the ratchet to rotate by the reaction force of its own tension to release the tension of the belt body, so that the ratchet drives and When the engaged stopper moves to the guide slope of the chute, it will synchronously drive the convex part to rotate so that it no longer bears against the catch, so that the catch will engage with the ratchet to limit the rotation of the shaft, so that the shaft is only It can rotate a little angle so that the tension of the belt body can be released in sections to achieve the function of safely releasing the belt body.

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