Blue meanie mushrooms are relatively safe to consume (and are popular for micro-dosing), but they are not without risk. Most users will experience at least some nausea while traveling and may experience more serious side effects, some serious side effects. Responsible users pay attention to safety, carefully increase doses, deal with practical problems, and calm friends to deal with physical or psychological problems if the trip does not go as planned Please keep it handy.

It is worth noting that psilocybin, and those containing psilocybin, including silosive mushrooms, are illegal to buy, sell or own in most jurisdictions. Please do not send it to jail.

Blue Meanie is considered one of the most powerful P. cubensis strains, with visual, physical, euphoric, energetic and introspective heights [ii]. Travel usually begins between 45 minutes and an hour after taking it, but users are advised not to take it for at least 3 hours after the first dose, as the effects can increase over time. The trip can last 4-5 hours.

Vendors sometimes suggest dose sizes (eg 1 gram for Blue Meanie), but that's not that simple. Are users a beginner who wants a very light introductory dose?

The individual mushrooms are not particularly large, but the fruits of Blue Meanie are abundant. The colonization period is relatively short. There are no specific guidelines for growing this strain as she works with all the methods commonly used for P. cubensis. The only caveat is that no matter which method the grower uses, it is important to do it correctly. Follow the instructions. Hybrid or sloppy usually has bad consequences. Blue Meanie Mushrooms is considered one of the fastest growing strains.