Psilocybe Psilocybin Mushroom Penis Envy Mushrooms is said to be the rootstock of the very powerful Penicillium Kava. This variety is a descendant of the famous penis envy known for its strength. It is said to be the most powerful of such penile envy varieties, and its name also derives from its resemblance to human reproductive function. Incredibly thick stems, a heavily damaged blue color, and an immature cap that sometimes turns blue are characteristic of this small, dull fungus.

Their color indicates that they contain more psychedelics. The penile envy mushroom seems to be very rare due to its short lifespan and increasing demand for its potency. In addition, enviable mushrooms produce very few spores, making it difficult to spread varieties through microorganisms.

Mushrooms that envy the penis bring excitement, joy and contemplation. This is an interesting way to calm down and start a discussion when you are feeling uncomfortable or anxious. Mushrooms, the envy of the penis, bring great social benefits. This tension is believed to enhance your spirit and keep you very active, as well as enhance your personality in public and give you a high sense of well-being. If you think seriously and come up with a great idea, that is the fungus you want to eat.

The extreme effects of mutated penile envy mushrooms may be related to their genetic structure (a mixture of iconic penile envy and albino PE) and its slow mechanism of stimulating more serotonin synthesis. .. In addition, his penile envy mushrooms contribute to his increased potency. Mushrooms, the envy of the penis, can be ingested in several ways.