For the recent Path of Exile players, it is so happy. Because on Friday, December 4th, Grinding Gear Games not only released the first of three epic events called Mayhem but also released the 3.12.5b patch. The addition of this patch has improved the game experience of players and also strengthened their trust in the game team. Their demand for POE Currency is rising rapidly because of the arrival of many new things.

Why does the game team release new content so frequently during this time? Because last month GGG announced that they had to postpone the release of the former until January next year in order to prevent the expansion of the POE 3.13 release period and the release time of Cyberpunk 2077, which aroused dissatisfaction among players and the game team Disappointment. It turned out that during the ongoing Harvest League, the developers claimed that they are very likely to release the POE 3.13 expansion in advance, but the behavior some time ago undoubtedly lost credibility.

So they have been optimizing the existing functions and other content in the game in order to restore the player group that is losing an enormous amount of time so that players feel the sincerity from the game team. The three events to release this month have brought back the attraction of many players. And this patch also adds support for some upcoming events. When players transfer items to the repository, they can also click on these items with Ctrl + Shift. This will allow them to ignore any storage associations and place these items in the currently open storage tab.

In the current Path of Exile, not only those returning players are enjoying the excitement of the Mayhem event, there are also more new players who are collecting the fastest and best ways to become stronger. In fact, they only need to Buy more POE Currency and Exalted Orb to help themselves a lot. Hurry!