While cleaning the old boxes and other goods in your attic you may spot a few pests like spiders, cockroaches, etc. These are the most common household pests but apart from these you may spot some silverfish. But, why are these insects are there and are they dangerous?

We will talk about silverfish in this article. You will know what are silverfish and what are they doing in your house.

If something is good about silverfish then it is that they don’t do nearly the same damage as other pests like termites and also they don’t harm humans. The mostly chew things like papers, books, or the fabric that may have starch and sugar residues embedded in it. They chew the fabric to get the starch and due to this they damage the fabric.

Silverfish is a very ancient insect. They have been scuttling around the world for more than 400 million years, the dinosaur days. Studies have found that they can live upto6 months without food and water. Silverfish are shiny, gray, covered in tiny scales and this is what makes them look silver. And all these things make them look like a fish. Silverfish mostly eat books. And if you are facing too much problems due to silverfish then here are a few tips to get rid of silverfish.

Getting Rid of Silverfish

Silverfish don’t seem to have lot of redeeming qualities like other insects and pests. It is also difficult to find the silverfish as they prefer to live those areas where people rarely enter.

If you always encounter with silverfish then you should follow the following tips in order to get rid of them: -


You must have many goods or boxes stored in your storage room. Well, that’s exactly the best thing for the silverfish to infest. The stored items provide silverfish harborage and food thus they like to live there. So, declutter your house. If you think the goods you have piled up are completely a waste then you should not give a favorable environment for the silverfish to infest.


The best and easiest way to get rid of silverfish to the vacuuming them.

If the problem has already gotten out of your control then call the professional exterminator for help. Or, even if you see a sign of silverfish infestation then you must call Pest Control Services to get rid of them immediately. May be silverfish don’t make too much damage then other pests but, still having them at home will not be safe for you and your goods. So, consider hiring professional Pest Control Company for silverfish control service.

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