Free air acceleration particles: particles enter the high-speed air beam as a free falling body to be accelerated. At this time, there is only high-speed air flow through the nozzle, and the wear is very small. However, due to the low falling velocity (transverse) of particles, it is difficult to get into the center of the air beam (high-speed air flow) and obtain high velocity.

From this point of view, the efficiency of LM series vertical roller mill mainly depends on the relative collision velocity and collision angle of particles in the fluidized bed, so improving the efficiency of LM series vertical roller mill can only be achieved by changing the geometry and structural design of nozzle and grinding chamber.

The main methods to reduce the energy consumption and improve the production efficiency of LM series vertical roller mill are to improve the nozzle structure, determine the optimal nozzle spacing, improve the shape of grinding cavity, determine the optimal material level of grinding cavity and so on.