ETA: Personally, screenshots of Animal Crossing Bells gamers using hacked items bothers me , not because they"spoil" (particularly if they are at the trailer), but because the comment threads wind up being filled with people asking how/where to get the items when they are not readily available to most players. Once they're officially accessible whether in TT or actual time, fine. Either a dedicated day of the week for submitting them (or maybe have them enabled on the evenings ) or a megathread

Images shot of the console screen are nice provided that the picture is discernible. There's no point posting photographs with this much glare that I can not see what is happening. HQ pictures are simple to access a telephone with the newest upgrade. (I saw the article with the switch in the microwave. It was insane)

Photos of clothing/merch can be sort of repetitive. Sharing the statement of the colour pop collab made sense. Everyone posting a photograph of the same palette or box once it arrives in the mail is tedious.

The only time I had been annoyed by someone taking a pic of their switch's display rather than using the screencap function was once a dude who had been clearly trolling stored posting more and more absurd shots of his screen, culminating in him submitting a pic of his change's screen in the microwave when somebody pointed out the light in his additional pics was awful. But in my own experience modding on other sites, some people are always likely to fall to Cheap Animal Crossing Items the troll bait, sadly.