However, that has been one case in Animal Crossing Items all the weeks I've browsed this sub, and it was something easily dealt with when people needed to recognize that a troll and just downvote his things when they saw it. But in my own experience modding on other websites, some folks are always likely to fall for the troll bait, sadly.

I don't have any problem with new players posting on their first excitements with the game. It is not like these pop up at the"hot" deadline, and you'd only see them in case you were viewing"brand new". I agree with Slackerboe that having new users place these things add to the inclusiveness of this community. It reminds me back when I first started playing and I think that it's wholesome.

Don't care about photographs taken of the console-screen, I think exactly what the image itself is if matter.

This really annoys me. We have read these lines ourselves from now. It is fun to share if you're the person who achieved the landmark, but it becomes tiresome to see so many"first blue rose" articles. I really don't believe that they should be banned altogether, but there is just no reason anyone should be taking an image of their display in 2021.

Pictures of irl merch

something which bothers me in a lot of gambling subreddits is"that I bought the thing!" Posts reaching huge quantities of upvotes. However, there are a number of really talented artists out there making exquisite fanmade merch, and that shouldn't be discounted. I would like to mention that maybe merch posts should be restricted to the men and women who actually made the items, but that may cross over into self-promotion too much.

Official merch definitely doesn't have to be part of the subreddit. This ought to be a place to show things off we've created, both in and out of this game, and also to go over the game as a whole. By definition, official merch isn't made by community members, and the only effort involved with making a post about it is taking the picture.

Just lots more common occurrences. Because still another player is having the"hating pineapple on pizza is cool" conversation. And while it's mostly not an issue because winter is pretty much over, I got reeeeeal sick of seeing screenshots of misshapen snowboys stating"What. Is. Going. On." Yeah convinced that Buy Nook Miles Ticket was amusing that the first 10 times it happened in early December.