Lastly what they do against real world trading! I mean later on OSRS gold there will be a 3k limit to trading. Everything has lost its price. So we buy Gr8 Axes for approximately I dunno 2mil? (im f2p) and this new update will make it cheaper, now I know its great for buyers but the seller is going to be the one ripped off, I suggest that the barrows is a large challenge and they deserve a good price because of their findings! The 3k limit has also become the pleasure of staking. People made money out of staking but now... good luck! So I just wanna say... JaGeX I enjoyed runescape but now... there is no point. . .pick up your own game! If you have any ideas please comment!

In f2p worlds, mages and warriors rule the battlefield. Rangers NEED additional tools. Here is my idea to balance the f2p combat triangle. The Fletching Skill. Ok, all 3 combat classes have a skill to produce armor and weapons. Warriors have smithing, mages have runescrafting and rangers have mages and fletching. My idea is to earn fletching f2p. Then, all battle courses can create thier own armor and weapons.

I think freeplayer should get them, bronze to rune, but with no hints, enchantments, or toxin. Ok, now a new update. Wooden crossbows would go from wooden to magical, and would have the exact same ranging requirements as bows. Freeplayers would acquire wooden to walnut. They'd be 2handed and fire a new kind of bolt known as long bolts. To make one using the fletching ability, use smithing to generate a"bolthead" and then attack it to a headless arrow.

These crossbows would be powerful enough to hit through metal armor quite easilly. The handicap is the fact that it's a range as brief as cheap RS gold a shortbow, but is as slow as a longbow. These updates goes towards ballancing ranging in worlds that are free.