Okay, transporting really isn't the main idea concerning this subject, but its sure to OSRS gold come up though. Here is another facet: Struggling. Ship Vs. Ship, massive exchange in cannon fire. What midevil ship could be complete without them? An honest 30 cannon count or perhaps a large scale 100? They'd serve as a defence for your boat and will contribute to your attack skill. Get aboard the boat that you sink and grab all the loot, a superb way of earning money for me, and don't allow the ships become plain. Beautiful, glorious emblems on sails, colors and everything.

Captains could pay to build their ships, (about 4 mil?) Full with 10 whole cannons. It seems really expensive to me, but these cannons dont even need to cost 750k. Their ordinary, maybe just 80k to me personally. Construct slots for cannons and enlarge in your ship's power. All kinds of cannons. Fair enough. Overall I think its a great idea. Pick the kind of boat, pick the build, choose the arnament and everything. Constructive critisism please.

Ok, so I was thinking logically to get a new skill to place into rs that may associate abilities, AND combat together, so that skillers may stop being called wimps and"that I COULD PWN U LOLZ!" (not on the wild). Thus, heres how it can ALL link together. It took me a little bit to make this more thought out. The new ability is... TRANSFORMATION! Listen, ill try and buy RuneScape Mobile gold complicated this, and dont say it couldnt be used for the two, because you gota read the remainder in order for it to make sense. Ok, its a little like what summoning would be like I believe. A small bit of mage will be similar to it too I guess. OK! Heres the idea.